Cuba migrated to a centrally planned economy with the revolution. It didn’t scaled well.

Microservices are an architectural pattern that allows big software systems to be break in smaller parts. Each microservice can be developed, maintained, deployed and operated independently.

Microservices share the same general principles of any modular architecture: break the system into smaller, independent, loosely coupled modules that communicate using a well…

Enjoying some Balinese coffee in Ubud. A memory that triggers wonderful emotion.

As a student I never liked language subjects. Portuguese, English, French. But now I regret not have taken more advantage of it. Specially the French. Portuguese is my main language and English is so global that you would learn it anyway. But French and others escaped.

Although I regret not…

The year of 2019 ended, it’s time to get a retrospective about the year readings. I read less than I would like but nevertheless it was a year of wonderful discoveries. Any type of review is tricky. Unless you are an expert on the subject matter, any review says much…

Diogo Machado

Software architect/developer. Developing software on the shoulders of giants.

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